What is the
Thriver’s Guide?

Nalie Agustin and Stephanie Seban have joined forces to create a guide filled with all they have learned on their quest for total healing. Both diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and deemed “incurable”, these two young and vibrant women have found light in their darkest of times, while living each day with purpose.

They have managed to defy the odds and statistics placed against them and have openly shared their stories on public channels and outlets disrupting the perceptions of MBC and prompting conversations and endless questions about how they are thriving through such adversity.

The Thriver’s Guide includes their daily habits, mindful practices and the many alternative/complementary therapies that have served them on their journey. They have compiled this guide with the hopes that their healthy living tips and tools will empower others to believe, rather know, that ALL things are possible and that the power of the mind is without limit.