how to heal and live your best life beyond cancer!


We promise, it's possible! 
Do you (or someone you know) have cancer? Are you willing to step outside the box to participate in your own healing?

Metastatic Breast Cancer Thrivers, Stephanie Seban and Nalie Agustin are co-authoring a book to share all that they have learned on their quest to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives through and beyond cancer.

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What is the
Thriver’s Guide?

Nalie Agustin and Stephanie Seban have joined forces to create a guide filled with all they have learned on their quest for total healing. Both diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and deemed “incurable”, these two young and vibrant women have found light in their darkest of times, while living each day with purpose.

They have managed to defy the odds and statistics placed against them and have openly shared their stories on public channels and outlets disrupting the perceptions of MBC and prompting conversations and endless questions about how they are thriving through such adversity.

The Thriver’s Guide includes their daily habits, mindful practices and the many alternative/complementary therapies that have served them on their journey. They have compiled this guide with the hopes that their healthy living tips and tools will empower others to believe, rather know, that ALL things are possible and that the power of the mind is without limit.

As a 14 year MBC Thriver, Nalie and Steph have encouraged myself and so many cancer warriors to live their best life! They have created a community of thrivers and shared so much useful information for healing from the inside out and tips for the challenges that come with living with cancer. They have been so honest and open when it comes to their journey, as they continue to defy the odds and inspire others to keep thriving!
— Faith Walker, Singer and Stage 4 Breast Cancer Thriver

 Who Is THE
Thriver’s Guide For?

Anyone with a strong will to live and who believes it is within their power to heal. One who is ready to take action and change their life for the better, by healing their mind, body, spirit and in the process, perhaps their cancer too.


Nalie and Stephanie are the epitome of empowerment. They are redefining what it means to live with metastatic breast cancer and they inspire me to thrive every single day. Through their actions, their attitude and their words they empower me to find the positive in life no matter what challenges I am facing.

Anna Crollman - Blogger & Breast Cancer Survivor


Nalie and Stephanie are two beautiful souls who inspire me every single day just by being who they are. They both have overcome so many challenges and they choose to handle all of them with love. No matter how many times they get knocked down they get right back up without it even touching their faith and what they believe in. They are true thrivers and as a young woman who was diagnosed with MBC at 18 years old, I'm honored to know them.

Brittney Beadle - Stage 4 Breast Cancer Thriver


The Dynamic Duo


ahh the power of Social Media…

When Nalie publicly announced her recurrence - the cancer had spread to both lungs, Stephanie felt the need to reach out and offer encouragement having been in her shoes a year prior. They bonded instantly and soon learned they had way more than a cancer diagnosis in common.

On top of sharing the exact same diagnosis (ER/PR + HER2 - breast cancer with lung metastasis), they also share the same mindset, personality, taste in music (90s r&b lovers) and overall spirit! The two would share their remedies, compare each others treatments and experiment with complementary therapies together.  Stephanie has been thriving with breast cancer for almost 8 years and it’s been over 5 years for Nalie. They know, that it is beyond luck that they are still living vibrant and healthy lives despite all, and in this guide, they finally share their secrets.

Visit their blogs to get to know more about Stephanie ( & Nalie (

As a younger breast cancer survivor, it was very isolating and hard to find other survivors out there who looked like me. During chemo, I stumbled upon Nalie’s website, and suddenly, I felt I wasn’t alone. I was so happy to finally be able to hug her and the amazing Stephanie in person when they recently held a thriver meetup in California — both are such an INSPIRATION to me.
— Rachel Park - Founder of Survivor Moda and breast cancer survivor

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